Magnesium Boards Factory is the first company to manufacture the MGO board in Middle-East!

Welcome to the world of Magnesium Board!

Magnesium Boards Factory is the first company to manufacture the magnesium board in the whole of Middle-East. MGO Premium is an environment friendly building material which makes it as the future of construction industry.

Mgo Premium Board is a sustainable, high performance and eco-friendly product, it is a factory-made product, we manufacture it in our factory named Magnesium Boards Factory located in Kuwait, MGO Premium Board is made of natural mineral magnesium oxide powder and reinforced by fibreglass mesh and filled with recycled soft timber particles. The production process is carried out at room temperature, making this a low carbon process. No heat or pressure is used the process of manufacturing.




MgO Premium board is an economical alternative for the materials with similar characteristics. The parameters of magnesium oxide board provide high strength and durability, resulting in economical savings. Mgo Premium is the best  available alternative in the market for bricks and mortar.


MgO Premium board is made of natural, safe components. It does not contain formaldehyde or any other volatile substances harmful, which is confirmed by resulting The Hygienic Certificate. The coated magnesium oxide MgO board outer layer is resistant to formation of mold , even in high humidity.

Energy Friendly

MgO Premium board can be successfully used in energy-efficient and passive building ensuring high performance insulation and sealing. The core is built of perlite, which makes the board a material of low thermal conductivity. MgO Premium board is a “low-tech” and “energy friendly” product.

MGO Premium Board

Matrial: Modified magnesia cement
Fireproofing characteristic: A grade non combustible
Density: 0.96g/cm3
Intensity of bending resistance when dry: 18Mqa
Intensity of bending resistance when moisture saturated condition: 22Mqa
The rate of deformation when pick up the moisture: 0.26%
The shrinking rate when heated: 1.0%
Water permeability: there is no drop of water to emerge in the back of the board
Impact resistance: no crack, strip and run through
Thermal resistance: 1.14m2k/w
Sound insulation
Colour: white
Security: 100% does not include asbestos, formaldehyde, and Benzene
Radioactivity: Not limited by the scope of application